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Artificial intelligence will create more job opportunities, than it snatches, says a report from “Gartner”. Innovation is likely to take place, to be considered a spontaneous process since the dawn of human civilization. Many epoch-making innovations in the past had ransacked the job market first, though showed a quick recovery afterward, likely to experience the same scenario even this time as per many researchers.

All the industries won’t get hit evenly by the job loss, on the contrary, the job loss will vary by the type of the industry. The public sector, education, and healthcare will show us a continuous upward-tending job demand, against a reverse scenario of downward job demand in the manufacturing industry, fears most of the market analysts.

The market analysts and researchers are expecting to have more than two million new jobs opening by 2025, indeed a positive signal. Job-loss is most likely to experience what we have discussed in our previous article, but we can say this is a temporary situation that can be balanced with the reskilled training program in advance to let the dropped employees to coup up with the changed situation, of course, along with many more precaution steps.

It’s a brave new world ahead of us. Obviously, hard days are very near. Let’s make the fear is the key to unlock the solution. In this topic, we are sure to find out that the rise of AI will create and set a new course to the job market to its highest potential, after creating a short-lived landslide first.

So, we are expecting positive growth in the job market. But, by 2025, machines are likely to perform more current tasks than human workers compared to 70% being performed by human workers as of today. To make the balance and maintain steady job growth, leading companies all over the globe are making the contingency plan to fight back with the situation.

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