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4 Practices To Follow For Presenting A Brilliant Literature Review

As per the eminent experts on dissertation help services, preparing a literature review for your dissertation provides you with the scope to highlight the research on your topic. It shows the dissertation committee that you've carried out serious research on your topic.

The entire process maybe a little too intimidating for students at times. That's the reason they often ask, "Can anyone check my paper?” to online academic services. Now, to make the process of literature review less daunting, we’ve come up with this handy guide.

  1. Gather an extensive amount of relevant literature sources

Once you have a topic for review, you must start accumulating relevant literature. In most cases, appropriate academic sources for a literature review involve book chapters, academic journal articles, and unpublished and published dissertations. This is how the writers from dissertation writing services approach the literature review.

Take time to understand the studies and arguments presented in the published literature. The number of sources you'll require will differ depending on your specific area of study. Also read - character counter tool

  1. Read and assess all of your sources before writing

Once you have all the literature, you'll require for the review, start reading the texts and compile them in a way that assists you while writing. Categorise the texts according to the relevance and take notes on the ideas conveyed through those texts.

Follow a system to help yourself in the process and stick with it. If you begin writing the literature review before you've read the resources, you may end up having to remove and revise what you've written. Also read need assignment help

  1. Categorise different sources focusing on the same ideas

It’d be impractical to dedicate a paragraph in your literature review to each individual source. So, look for ways to group different sources together within paragraphs. This level of synthesis will also help convey to your dissertation committee that you’re capable of making connections between sources instead of providing a vague summary.

You can synthesise the sources by the method through the comparison of different academic texts that follow a similar approach. You can synthesise sources by topic if your literature review is elaborate enough to cover at least 4-5 different subfields within your specific area of study. Also read - cite machine

  1. Add several subheadings in your literature review to boost readability

Incorporating subheadings will break the write-up into smaller, more legible sections. For the sake of organisation, add descriptive titles to different label subsections. Each of your subheadings will start off with a section of your literature review that consists of methodologically or chronologically similar literature sources.

For instance, imagine you’re writing about teaching trends in higher studies. You could dedicate a subheading about the online-based approach to teaching and another about experience-based teaching.

Following these practices will ensure your literature review reeks of perfection.

Summary: You may have trouble putting together a literature review but following some practices will allow you to present it perfectly. These practices discussed in the post will ensure your literature review turns out flawless.

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